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Structure units around some element of the culture. Content can be adapted based on student level.

Create a guide book
  • Have students create a guide book, discussing various aspects of various places: accommodations; food; transportation;weather; culture; shopping; sites; and using various media to create them: journals; slide shows; audio; video; Powerpoint

Create a half-day Chinese language speaking and listening event for students
  • Set up a space like a gymnasium with different areas/booths. At each, have some task that students must accomplish - listening to a radio broadcast and answering questions; watching a short video; buying something; negotiating a course; explaining a problem - all with Chinese teachers or other proficient/native speakers.
  • Students might be assessed based on how long it takes them to get through and how much they get right.
  • different levels could be presented with varying difficulties of tasks

Overnight/Weekend Immersion
  • Get students together from several different schools who are around the same level - say 3rd year Chinese - and find a place to spend the weekend. Make Chinese food, dumplings, do calligraphy and Tai Chi, learn a song, watch a movie, i.e. have lots of Chinese activities but all done in Chinese the entire weekend.